Top 10 R&B songs of 2011

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Article by Georgette Adanas

This year is a year of R&B songs with songs dropping into the charts every week, Here We present a list which made all time top in charts and loved by R&B song lovers. One or two of your favorite artist might not add up in the list , so please drop you favorite songs into comments.

1. How to Love by Lil Wayne

This song Topped the chart of Rnb songs released in 2011. This songs tells the search for love of a young girl and attach perfectly with the emotions of audience. This song is rap with the base of a guitar and delivered perfectly by Lil Wayne. A beautiful hip-hopthat will steal your heart.

2. I’m On One by DJ Khaled Featuring Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

This is song by DJ khaled that features three Big Daddy hip-hopers Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne . With this song DJ Khaled made his first entry into the top ten hits in America.

3. Boom by Snoop Dogg ft T-Pain

Snoopy is dropping tracks month after month, many mucic freaks were skeptical whether snoop will make to top charts or not , but Boom by Snoop is the one which went against that belief and banged in the clubs.

4. Sure Thing by Miguel

This songs is a second single from Miguel released in first week of February. For the first two three months , the songs placed t roots into the you then after may it grew like anything to make in top-3 of all time 2011 charts.

5. So In Love by Jill Scott Featuring Anthony Hamilton

You will think the music like that died years ago but this song will pick that legacy and transform into a wonderful feel good music which will make you smile for the whole 5 mins. Beautiful song by a beautiful artist.

6. She Ain’t You by Chris Brown

If anyone can do a great Michael Jackson tribute, it’s Chris Brown. In june 2011 , this song peaked at number five and remained there for two consecutive weeks. The remix by SWV R&B group add a new flavor to this songs with a hot video and heartfelt music.

7. Headlines by Drake

Songs which make the hip-hop heads held high , critcs may say that this is an average songs with average lyrics but loved by the audience . Some say it is not the song but the Drake which made to top charts.

8. Himaholic by Kelly Price

People might not have heard the R&B singer named Kelly Price but this year she is loved by the charts . A song about the addiction of a woman towards a man, from which she cant let herself break free. The song describes the strong attraction of a woman in a beautiful way.

9. Motivation by Kelly Rowland Featuring Lil Wayne

There is no doubt that Kelly has that talent to make its place in the music industry and this song exactly proves the same. The thrashing music with hot video will make you sweat throughout the song.

10. Pieces Of Me by Ledisi

Ledisi’s released her album Pieces Of Me on June 14, 2011 . This song made its debut in the charts with no. 8th position. The reason is simple why shouldn’t the people pay attention to four-time Grammy Award winner artist.

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