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Online Radio Free

Information Security Center Ltd.~~”Online Radio Free” is a modern internet radio receiver, which will allow you to access a database with more than 51,000 internet radio stations (over 85,000 URLs of the radio stations’ streams) from 191 countries, grouped into 749 genres. Its set of functions is optimal for the users’ convenience. ★★★★★Internet radio (also known as web radio, net radio, streaming radio and e-radio) is an audio service transmitted via the Internet. Music streaming on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KEY FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Simple, quick and easy-to-use interface; * users can search for radio stations by genre; * users can search for radio stations by name; * users can search for radio stations by keyword(s); * users can search for radio stations in A-Z Index; * users can specify a background image in the audio player – including photos; * users can add radio stations into the database; * users can update info about radio stations in the database; * users can add radio stations to ‘Favorites’;* users can sort radio stations in “Favorites” by country, genre or name;* users can search for radio stations in “Favorites” by country, genre or name;* users can view songs, which have been played (for the most of mp3 and acc/aac+ streams); * automatic updates of the interface; * automatic updates of radio stations database; * automatic reconnect on loss of connection; * automated checking of audio streams’ availability (users are provided with accessible audio streams only); * high quality of sound. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Share on Twitter function; * Share on Facebook function; * Subscribe to newsletter option; * Tell a friend function; * Feedback function; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN `Online Radio Pro` and `Online Radio Free` ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Online Radio Pro: * The application can work in background (multitasking support for iOS 4+); * The application can work with «Alarm Clock» and «Sleep Timer» functions; * No banners, No advertising, so operation of the player is more stable and sustainable; Online Radio Free: * Doesn`t support background mode (multitasking support for iOS 4+); * Doesn`t support «Alarm Clock» and «Sleep Timer» functions; * Player interface contains banners and ads; ★★★★★Main Genres:Alternative, Avant-Garde, Blues, Classical, Country, Decades, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Accordion, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Vocal, Inspirational, Latin, Pop, RnB, New Age, Post-industrial, TalkOther Genres:30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Retro, Punk, Rap, Funk, Hard Rock, Heavy metal, Top 40, Hits, Oldies, Spiritual, New Age, Meditation, Relax, Relaxation, Instrumental, Swing, Smooth Jazz, Orchestral, Mainstream, Dance, Big Band, Tropical, Folklore, DJ, Techno, Soul, Adult, Alternative , Best Of, Eclectic, Female, Instrumental, Love, Romance, Patriotic, Sexy, Shuffle, Cabaret, Psychedelic, Spiritual, Sports, Kids, Gothic, Beat, Soul, Alternative, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dub, Son, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Sega, Ethno, Flamenco, Contemporary, Celtic, Trance, Disco, Jungle, Dance, Electronica, Electro, DnB, Lounge, Polka, Acid, Exotica, Classical, Modern, Piano, Romantic, Choral, Opera, Symphony, Soundtracks, Holiday, Halloween, Christmas, News, Music, Comedy, Educational, Government, Old Time, Traditional, Experimental, Industrial, Religious, Catholic, Christian, Islam, Islamic, Gospel, Arabic, Asian, African , European, American, Tamil, Jewish, International, Caribbean, Lyrics, etc.

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