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Our City Radio Online Radio Network.

Our City Radio Online Radio Network


The Online Radio Network that isn’t just another playlist site!

So what do online radio network like Live365, Pandora and Spotify have in common? Yes, they do have a large amount of mainstream music but have you ever heard a live show on any of them? In fact, can you name an online radio network where you have? Sure, there are a good handful of solo internet radio stations where you may hear a show, but odds are they simply a podcast or a pre-recorded show! Our City Radio online radio network is a concept so unique, it’s almost difficult to explain! I’m going to wrap it all up for you so you can not see how and why we are the most unique online radio network in the world, but how you can become a part of it!


Our City Radio Online Radio Network is a division of MBD Marketing Group LLC.

The Our City Radio online radio network was designed to originally help local bands get exposure and experience through the device of internet radio in Philadelphia, PA. We soon realized the mass potential and decided to expand to the entire United States.

Through many trials and tribulations we have arrived at our final destination. We have revamped our online radio network many times and have streamlined our focus on a very large group of people. MUSIC LOVERS. Whether your playing it listening to it or using it to make a living we got you covered.

With a powerful blogging format, and a host of online tools including a newsletter system, talent and business profiles, an e-commerce solution and much more, all combined with a radio station format that is geared towards independent and local musicians, artists, and businesses that can go live at the drop of a hat, the Our City Radio online radio network is the most unique online radio network platform in the world, and is poised to change internet radio forever!

All of our promotion has been word of mouth and guerilla style marketing as we have been working on a shoe string budget since the beginning! No official launch, no ad campaigns, literally just all grass roots style marketing has propelled our online radio network to where you see today!

Who benefits from Using

The question should be who doesn’t! We have put together a nifty little package here the following are just those who can benefit most, our goal is to continue to expand and grow our online radio network by leaps and bounds!


You can Submit Your Music or artistry to be played on one of the 13 channels we have in our online radio network. You can have a profile listed on our Talent Directory, and with our listener base on EVERY channel growing everyday, the odds of your music getting heard by future fans is 100%! Come be a part of Our City right here in Your City! Every artist is placed on one of the National Channels and you can see if your city is active on our Online City Radio Station Directory


You can buy ad space on the revolutionary online radio network on the national website and/or radio station channels and also on the individual cities! There are show sponsorship opportunities and the unlimited potential to grow your customer base, whether you are a brick and mortar sub shop or an online e-commerce site! Businesses can place profiles on our OCR Business Directory, we can write articles that feature your business and with our highly optimized, seo enhanced website features, the odds of you placing on the first place of Google for your chosen name or keywords is astronomical!


You can hear some of the most talented artists from your area and support local artists in their quest for more exposure! Several of our good friends have established careers since becoming part of our family several years and several domain names ago! The talent that has poured over these airwaves have been truly amazing over the years and you can say you heard them on the Our City Radio online radio network first!


You can find awesome deals and great businesses that advertise with us. With cities popping up everywhere, the deals, coupons and offers the businesses here on Our City Radio online radio network are providing leave the guess work out of finding the greatest deals in your area!

Small / Homebased Business Owners

You can place your companies in various cities to gain traffic and/or backlinks. From the blogging system to placing events, a built in newsletter to artist and business directories, all with fully functioning, self sustaining radio stations all using the incredible power of WordPress and our revolutionary quick indexing, Our City Radio online radio network is the perfect platform to advertise any network! With individual customizations available, using Our City Radio as a networking tool is the perfect solution for small and online businesses! Give us a call and see how our win-win, ever growing network can help you today!

No matter what you do, where you are from, or what your situation is, Our City Radio Online Radio Network uses the universal language of music to bring people together, to work in harmony, and to help us power our lives through unity and co-operation! Be Aware, Spread the Love, and Change the Frequency on

OurCityRadio Online Radio Network

See you inside

~Brian Fairo

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